On the 5th February 2020, we launched our new brand identity. The new logo and updated website emphasizes our mission to deliver innovative solutions and coating experiences all while providing exceptional service to our customers. We have been specified and used on prestigious projects around the world for more than 60 years, and we felt that now was the ideal time to update our identity to represent this.


Our History

Our brand history dates back to the 1950’s when Jones-Blair and Dupont collaborated using Neoprene to develop the very first elastomeric coating in the industry. Officially entering the market in 1959, our newly assembled sales team were able to market and sell our Neogard products nationally. 

Over the 50 years that followed, Neogard continued to innovate and develop new products and developed into an international brand focused on manufacturing concrete coatings for waterproofing, roofing and flooring. Then, in 2015, Neogard was acquired by the Hempel Group, a global foundation owned company with roots in the coatings industry dating back to 1915.


The Need for change

With Neogard firmly established as a part of the Hempel family, we realized our brand looked dated and did not best represent the future direction of the product line. We knew it was time for a brand refresh to modernize and future-proof not only our logo, but all of our communications, ensuring we aligned Neogard with Hempel.

Neogard has developed a huge amount of trust in the industry and it was critical that we remained true to our roots and represented the heritage of our organization. Rather than changing our image completely, we focused on evolving our brand mark, which was based on our red ‘n’, our most recognizable symbol.

Choosing a more elegant font completely transformed the look of our brand, while keeping the solid dependability that our customers have come to rely on.

The last part of the logo refresh was to ensure we fit into the Hempel family, underpinning our identity with the Hempel group logo.



The new Neogard brand

The resulting logo perfectly represents our Neogard brand, staying true to our heritage and values while tying us to our parent company. Our next step was to roll out the new identity across all of our communications, both on and offline and to introduce our new look to the world.

We launched our new brand at our Annual Customer Appreciation Event at The Wynn, Las Vegas! It is here that we introduced our new identity to many of our valued customers personally, while simultaneously launching across North America online and at the International Roofing Expo in Dallas, Texas.

Our new look was really well received and launched with the tagline “the best just got better.” Here’s what some of our other customers had to say:


●     “It’s apparent they want to be not just the leader, but the innovator. This is where we need to be in the future of construction.”

●     “The people are passionate about the product line and the overall success to both themselves and to us, the customers.”

●     “They are staying on the cusp of the industry, it’s a fantastic thing.”


The design of the logo was an evolution rather than a complete redesign. Holding on to our years of heritage while aligning with our parent brand. Our new icon represents us in an agile and dynamic way while visually representing the relationship between surface and coating. The updated font provides a refined and confident look which reflects our position as one of the most trusted manufacturers of construction coating solutions.

In addition to the logo update, our redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages and simplified messaging for each of our coating systems. The visual aspects of the website showcase the solutions that we provide, while the layout provides an engaging user experience.

We are proud that our new identity is now fully representative of our innovative nature, our strong reputation and we are ready for an exciting future.

Confident for the future… 

We are proud that our new identity is now fully representative of our innovative nature, our strong reputation and we are ready for an exciting future.

Neogard's History