Hempel Foundation

We’re proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, a corporate foundation that supports good causes around the globe with specific focus on education of children in need, research into sustainable coatings technology and protecting the planet’s biodiversity.
The Hempel Foundation is the sole shareholder of the Hempel Group and a dedicated philanthropist. We strive to make a difference by empowering children to learn, making coating more efficient and sustainable, sustaining biodiversity and realizing great initiatives that bring about positive change.

Education - Empowering children to learn
We strive to break barriers for education, and we believe that we need to think differently in order to increase access to and quality of education.
Science - Making coatings more efficient and more environmentally sustainable
Coatings is a matter of prolonging the life-span of machines, plants, and man-made structures in general or how to build function into a given surface.
Nature: Sustaining the planet's biodiversity
Loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest environmental problems the human race is facing.
Donations by application
The Hempel Foundation supports great projects that work to make a difference in a specific area, mainly within the focus areas.
For further information or applications, please visit the Hempel Foundation website.