We a very proud to announce the LEED v4 certification results for the Indoor Environmental Quality Credit for Low Emitting Materials on the listed series products. Neogard passed the CDPH Standard Method v1.1 testing required for this credit . The intent of this credit is to reduce concentrations of chemical contaminants that can damage air quality, human health, productivity, and the environment.

We now have credits for the following products:


·         FC7500/FC7960=(45067/95077) Fast-Cure Polyurethane Base Coat

·         FC7510/FC7961=(47PJ9/948JB) Wear Coat & Non-UV Topcoat

·         FC7530/FC7963=(57069/95056) Fast Cure Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat

·         FC7540/FC7964=(47QJ9/949JB) FC Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat

·         70714/70715=(45069/95073) 2K Epoxy 100% solids

·         7797/7798=(254J9/946JB) Urethane Primer

·         7780/7781=(280J9/98060) Epoxy Primer

This credit includes requirements for product manufacturing as well as project teams. It covers volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions into indoor air and the VOC content of materials, as well as the testing methods by which indoor VOC emissions are determined. Different materials must meet different requirements to be considered compliant for this credit. The building interior and exterior are organized in seven categories, each with different thresholds of compliance. The building interior is defined as everything within the waterproofing membrane. The building exterior is defined as everything outside and inclusive of the primary and secondary weatherproofing system, such as waterproofing membranes and air- and water-resistive barrier materials.