Neogard is pleased to announce that five of our flooring coatings have successfully passed Process and Cleaner Evaluation (PACE) by Steris Life Sciences.

Neogard flooring products have a long history of use in biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and research laboratory applications. Our successful PACE results further reinforce Neogard’s position in these industries.

Steris’ PACE simulates cleaning processes to find the best cleaning agent and protocol for the tested surface material. PACE examines the chemistry, concentration, temperature, water quality, cleaning method, and cleaning time for a given cleaning agent and the surface material.

The five Neogard flooring products evaluated were:

  • 70869/70819 Polyaspartic (Hempel 57031)
  • 70704/70705 Novolac Epoxy (Hempel 45020)
  • 70734/70735 Low-Yellowing Epoxy (Hempel 45040)
  • 70817/70818 Chemical Resistant Urethane (Hempel 57070)
  • 70900/70910 Wall-Gard HD/Floor-Gard HD Urethane (Hempel 47DJB)

All five products were tested with diluted sanitizing agents from Steris Life Sciences. They were tested for a duration of 168 hours (one week), and results showed no visual change versus a control sample.

Sample panels were tested with the following sanitizing agents and concentrations:

CIP 100 Detergent 1 oz/gal (0.8% v/v)
CIP 200 Detergent 1 oz/gal (0.8% v/v)
CIP 220 Detergent 1 oz/gal (0.8% v/v)
Spor-Klenz Concentrate Cold Sterilant 1% v/v
Vesphene IIIse Phenolic Disinfectant 1 oz/gal (0.8% v/v)
LpH IIIse Phenolic Disinfectant 1/2 oz/gal (0.4% v/v)
Vesta-Syde SQ Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant 1 oz/gal (0.8% v/v)
Septihol (Isopropyl Alcohol) 70% v/v

Cleaning with the undiluted agents is not recommended. If a 100% concentrate is spilled on the floor, immediately rinse with water.

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