Hempel is pleased to announce Federico Vega has joined as Divisional Sales Manager for Neogard. In this role, Federico will be responsible for leading the Neogard Sales team as well as providing support to our existing Neogard customers in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Federico joins Neogard with an extensive background in the coatings industry and deep knowledge of both concrete and flooring. He has held roles of leadership and management with a focus on developing and empowering high performance teams. About joining Hempel, he said: "For me, arriving to Hempel has been as sliding through a rabbit hole to a wonderland of culture, teamwork, companionship, values and challenges. I’m thrilled".

Federico has a Mechanical, Electrical Engineering degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. He is fluent in English and Spanish, he has an executive coaching certification from International Society of Neurosemantics, participated in Harvard Manage Mentorship, SSPC C10 Concrete Coatings and Flooring Certification and Sales Excellence Knowledge just to mention a few.