Neogard has completed third-party Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) testing of our 7490-CA aliphatic urethane roofing topcoat. We tested 7490-CA to stringent Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) standards, with a three-year weathering test which measured the SRI of the coating just after its application and after three years of exposure.

SRI testing measures Solar Reflectance and Thermal Emittance, two indicators of how hot a surface becomes when exposed to the sun. Higher numbers for each indicate that a roof coating stays cooler under solar exposure. And a cooler roof reduces the energy required to keep a building cool, contributes to its sustainability, and helps reduce the urban heat island effect.

7490-CA has an excellent initial SRI of 111, and retains an SRI of 94 after three years of exposure. Solar Reflectance is initial 0.88, three year 0.76. Thermal Emittance is initial 0.88, three-year 0.89.

7490-CA is used as the topcoat for our Elasta-Gard Aliphatic and Permathane Aliphatic roof coating systems. These urethane systems are elastomeric, very durable, and the 7490-CA aliphatic topcoat resists degradation from UV exposure.

All of our roofing topcoats carry CRRC SRI ratings. In addition to 7490-CA, our acrylic 7251 and 7261, silicone 7870 and 7860-LO, and aromatic urethane 70630 have been tested. Also, our FC7530/FC7963 two-component aliphatic urethane traffic coating has been SRI tested. All tested materials are bright white.

For more information, contact your local Neogard account manager. Also, we have an SRI chart with SRI, Solar Reflectance, and Thermal Emittance information, downloadable from our Technical Support Information page.