Seed and Backroll/Lock

Single component, solvent based urethane system.

Peda-Gard Seed and Backroll/Lock is a single component, solvent based waterproofing system. This system offers excellent performance properties to provide outstanding adhesion, crack bridging, and outstanding abrasion resistance. This system has an outstanding track record of over 40 years protecting concrete structures

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How long does Peda-Gard need to cure before opening to pedestrian traffic?

Typically the coating needs to cure 48 hours before opening to pedestrian traffic. In cooler temperatures this time may be 72 hours.

What type concrete curing compounds can be used with Peda-Gard?

It is best to water cure concrete or use a sodium silicate curing compound. The use of acrylic or other “film forming” compounds will create bond issues and must be removed.

What is the minimum temperature at which Peda-Gard can be applied?

The coating should be applied at temperatures that are 40°F and rising during application.

What is the maximum concrete temperature that Peda-Gard can be applied?

The coating should not be applied to deck surfaces that are =/> 100°F

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