Traffic Tuff

100% solids, epoxy vehicular/pedestrian system for slabs-on-grade or for substrates with no waterproofing requirements.

TrafficTuff is a non-waterproofing, textured system deigned to provide concrete surface protection. A variety aggregates may be used to provide the necessary degree of texture. The system offers a solid color, pigmented top coat.

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How long does Traffic Tuff need to cure before opening to vehicular traffic?

Typically the system may be opened to traffic 24 hours after installation. In cold temperature
it may require 36-28 hours.

Can Traffic Tuff be applied to slab on grade concrete?

Yes. In some conditions it is best to check moisture vapor transmission (MVT) prior to

What is the minimum temperature at which Traffic Tuff can be applied?

Temperature must be 50°F and rising.

Can Traffic Tuff be top coated?

Yes. The system can receive a urethane or epoxy top coat.

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