Peda-Gard M

Two component, fast cure, low odor urethane system with optional epoxy topcoat.

Peda-Gard M is a surface-applied coating system that provides a tough, long term waterproofing barrier for elevated slabs. The composition provides for top coats that can withstand impact from machinery and tools.

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How long does Peda-Gard M need to cure before opening to pedestrian traffic?

Typically the coating needs to cure 24 hours before opening to pedestrian traffic. In cooler
temperatures this time may be 36 hours.

What type concrete curing compounds can be used with Peda-Gard M?

It is best to water cure concrete or use a sodium silicate curing compound. The use of acrylic
or other “film forming” compounds will create bond issues and must be removed.

Are there special top coats that can be used with Peda-Gard M?

The system allows for the option of a urethane top coat or an epoxy top coat which resists
mechanical damage from dropped tools, etc.

What is the maximum concrete temperature that Peda-Gard M can be applied?

The coating should not be applied to deck surfaces that are =/> 100°F

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