Obtaining a Warranty

NEOGARD offers a wide variety of standard warranties that are available to all end users of NEOGARD Waterproofing, Roofing, Flooring, Wall Coating, and other specialized coating systems.  Below are links to PDF documents for Limited Material, Material, and Material and Labor warranties that can be viewed online or downloaded for later viewing.  Additional warranties available to NEOGARD Licensed Applicators are available in a secure area by clicking on the link provided below.  Should you have any questions concerning any of these warranties, please contact the nearest NEOGARD Regional Manager for assistance. Click here to access online and fillable PDF Warranty Application Forms.


Limited Material


Material (Recoat)

Material & Labor

Material & Labor (Recoat)

Roofing (Direct Bond & Foam Coatings)

Note: U/SC = Urethane/Silicone Coatings

Limited Material (U/SC)

Limited Material (Acrylic Coating)

Material (U/SC)

Material (Recoat U/SC)

Material (Acrylic Coating)

Material (Recoat Acrylic Coating)

Material & Labor (U/SC)

Material & Labor (Recoat U/SC)

Material & Labor (Acrylic Coating)

Material & Labor (Recoat Acrylic Coating)


Limited Material

Limited Material (w/Waterproofing Rider)


Material (w/Waterproofing Rider)

Material & Labor

Material & Labor (w/Waterproofing Rider)

Wall Coatings

Limited Material (Neoflex)

Limited Material (Neocrylic/HB)

Material (Neoflex)

Material (Neocrylic/HB)

Material & Labor (Neoflex)

Material & Labor (Neocrylic/HB)

Specialized Coating Systems

Limited Material (Acrylithane™)

Limited Material (Pool-Gard C)

Colorfast (Acrylithane™)

Licensed Applicator Warranties

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