Peda-Gard SC

Urethane system for use in secondary containment applications.

Peda-Gard SC is a surface-applied coating system that provides a tough, waterproofing barrier that can withstand light chemical exposure.

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How long does Peda-Gard SC need to cure before opening to vehicular traffic?

System can be opened to pedestrian traffic 48 hours after installation. May be up to 48-72
hours in cold temperatures

What type concrete curing compounds can be used with Peda-Gard SC?

It is best to water cure concrete or use a sodium silicate curing compound. The use of acrylic
or other “film forming” compounds will create bond issues and must be removed.

What is the minimum temperature at which RTS Vehicular Systems can be applied?

The system should be installed in temperatures that are 40°F and rising.

Is Peda-Gard SC chemically resistant?

The system is chemically resistant though it is always recommended to supply a list of
chemicals and their concentration levels to determine suitability for exposure.

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