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What Is RSS?

RSS is an Internet-based technology that allows you to receive updated content through a RSS reader as soon as it is published.

Subscribing to RSS feeds on sites you would traditionally bookmark for news or technical information saves time and energy by eliminating the need to check websites for updates.

You can now subscribe to NEOGARD’s RSS news feed using the following XML button.

You can also subscribe to our individual news channels by selecting a feed and following the instructions below:

•  Company News

•  Technical Updates

•  Marketing Updates


RSS On Your Computer And Mobile Device

Some browsers have built in readers, but we recommend the added mobile functionality available with a free account at www.inoreader.com.


To Follow NEOGARD:

•  Click on the feed or XML button.

•  Copy the web address from your web browser's address bar.

•  Select the plus sign above the left sidebar in your inoreader account.

•  Enter the feed address in the search box.

•  The NEOGARD feed will be added to your subscriptions and start to display headlines.


Never miss a critical update by downloading the inoreader Android or Apple app on your mobile device and receive updates from NEOGARD wherever you are. Don’t miss out. Subscribe today.


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