Warranty Fee Schedules

Roofing Joint & Several Warranty

5,000 Square Feet Minimum Project Size
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Warranty Term

Inspection Fee

Warranty Fee

Hand Off Fee at Time of Inspection

Applicator's Obligation

5 Years $2,000 Max. $500 or $0.04/SF  (whichever is greater) N/A Full 5 Years
10 Years $2,000 Max. $1,000 or $0.06/SF (whichever is greater)  N/A Full 10 Years

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Joint & Several (Urethane/Silicone Coatings)
Joint & Several (Recoat Urethane/Silicone Coatings)
Joint & Several (Acrylic Coating)
Joint & Several (Recoat Acrylic Coating)