Goddess’ Dream — Bulgari Divas’ Dream Series Jewelry

Bvlgari is inspired by women’s elegance and Roman aesthetics, and interprets the classic Divas’ Dream series of innovations. It presents an extraordinary new Bulgari Divas’ Dream series jewelry in a fresh design and new colors,praises the beauty of gemstones and pays tribute to the perfect carving of the classics. Divas’ Dream covers the fields of items as Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace,Bulgari Divas’ Dream Ring,Bulgari Divas’Dream Earrings,and Bulgari Divas’ Dream Bracelet. The new Divas’ Dream jewelry series is characterized by changeable styles, brilliant colors and noble textures. It perfectly embodies the grace and charm that today’s women desire to express themselves in different occasions.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Ring

The brand new multi-faceted design highlights the rhythm of the Divas’ Dream series, making every woman as dazzling as a goddess. Elegant and exquisite, avant-garde, charming and sexy, Divas’ Dream illustrates the self-confidence and carefree lifestyle of contemporary women.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Bracelet

The Bulgari Divas’ Dream series is not only a symbol of the Roman spirit, but also demonstrates the eternal charm of Italian style and greets the elegant women. With its natural vitality, passionate colors, bold and innovative designs, and exquisite details, Divas’ Dream series highlights Italian beauty with its unique charm and dazzling style.

The Charm of the Goddess

In the golden age of La Dolce Vita(sweet life)–a Roman film shot in  Cinecittà, the world’s spotlights focused on the goddess–those famous actresses, under a dreamy aura, they were incomparable and  unreachable, like the heroine of a novel or movie. Bvlgari integrated the dazzling charm of the goddesses with the quintessentially elegant lifestyle into the Divas’ Dream series, which realized the dream of every contemporary woman becoming a goddess. The birth of the brand new sparkling Divas’ Dream jewelry is more like a celebration of contemporary women’s courage to demonstrate a multi-faceted self.

The exquisite and elegant lifestyle of women is revealed in gestures, such as wearing a favorite jewelry to light up the whole day. In daily life that is full of challenges and adventures, Divas’ Dream jewelry series has a fashionable fresh style with pure elegance. It encourages women to adhere to their dreams, realize their dreams, and constantly show their unique style of grace to the world.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Ring in fan-shape

Multi-Faceted Gesture

Every woman is unique and so is the gem. As a master of color, Bulgari awakens each woman’s heart with a variety of multi-faceted characters.

The unique shapes, angles, and colors of each gem symbolize the unique appeal of each woman. For Bulgari, every woman’s strengths, dreams, and incomparable style make them dazzling like goddesses. The eternal life of the diamonds, the purity of the sapphire, the joy of the pink tourmaline, the exquisiteness of the red tourmaline, the peace and mystery of the amethyst, the lightness and unruliness of the lapis lazuli, the warmth of the agate–the different qualities of the gem represent the multi-faceted personalities and emotions of women.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace & Ring with multi-facted gems

Fan-Shaped Beauty

The Divas’ Dream series draws inspiration from the Roman Empire’s body rituals to trace the purest beauty. At that time, exquisite women will bathe in the bath as a fashionable lifestyle. The Divas’ Dream series incorporates the color of the ground marble of the Caracalla Baths and the beautiful curve of its fan-shaped mosaic, creating a pure and beautiful shape. The mosaic pattern is made of the most precious natural stone, grey granite in Egypt, yellow marble in Numidia, long-grained green marble in Evia, or green and purple porphyry in Sparta and Egypt. The vastness and innate beauty of the Mediterranean Empire casts into the immortal and magnificent architecture of the Roman Empire.

The Divas’ Dream series is also inspired by another ancient landmark, the Diocletian Baths. The peacock motif symbolizes the beauty and luxury. The gorgeous Divas’ Dream jewels once again interpret the peacock as a sacred animal, witness the eternal beauty of Rome, demonstrate the versatility of women, and highlight the essence of Italian style.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace in fan-shape

New Divas’ Dream Series

The new Divas’ Dream series jewelry with a variety of fun, abundant color, beautiful and classic stunning innovation, is a perfect interpretation of the variety of moving jewelry,and highlights the charm of Bvlgari’s unique style: vibrant color combinations, bold and unusual gems-cutting and creative unique designs.

To meet the needs of everyday fashion outfits, Divas’ Dream series features a new fan-shaped hollow design, which plays with fantasy and reality, and again presents the resplendent iconic fan shape with a perfect combination of lines, space and gemstones.

The new Divas’ Dream series is available in white gold from pendants to bracelets and earrings in the materials of white gold or pavé diamonds. Some of them have a sparkling diamond set in the center to show the glamour of the goddess. White gold fan-shaped pendants and rings with precious aquamarines are the tribute to and celebration of pure women’s beauty. The pure blue jewels fall like raindrops and give a full and vivid display of gemstones’ beauty and luxury, and Bvlgari’s elegance and femininity.

The gems on the necklace cascade like a waterfall and are beautiful and agile. The earrings of the unique peacock head design embellish the ears with great beauty, and the necklace is decorated with creative and unique delicate details in the neck. This is both implicit and passionate design, only Bulgari can make it.

This series of jewellery uses charming and dazzling pink tourmaline, red tourmaline and amethyst with pavé diamonds to reflect each other, which presents an unparalleled exquisite charm, and adds glamorous glory for women.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Bracelet, Ring & Necklace

The brilliance of each fan-shaped jewel reveals the gorgeous beauty of jewellery from the saturated and vivid color to the infinitely exquisite elegance.

Each piece of Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series represents the unique presence of each goddess. Bvlgari women are always in a variety of styles. They display the charming appearance and personality of the goddess in their hearts through their favorite jewelry.

Divas’ Dream rose gold necklaces and bracelets are decorated with colorful diamonds and elegant pearl oyster. They contrast with the warm color of the agate, sparkling with elegance and rich collision.

The enthusiastic and passionate orange color blends with the delicate and elegant white color, they add a touch of Bulgari’s modern fashion to the classic fan shape.

The iconic fan-shaped design of the Divas’ Dream series, paired with the most dazzling and enchanting jewels, exquisitely gives women an endless appeal.

The new Divas’ Dream series,which combines classic elegance and exquisiteness, not only meets the needs of women on different occasions, but also embodies the vividness of Roman demeanour, enables contemporary women to be free and lively.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Earrings, Necklace & Bracelet

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace

Hermes H-Watch Series–Considerations of Choosing and Wearing in Summer

In summer, many people give up wearing Hermes H-Watch series because they are concerned about the discomfort of sweating around their wrists. In fact, if you choose according to the characteristics of the summer, you can also wear Hermes H-Watch in a cool and comfortable manner.

The First Point: Material

When you select Hermes H-Watch which is suitable for summer wear, first naturally you should pay attention to the choice of material. For the hot, sweaty summer season, it is best not to choose the enamel or leather straps. It is not only very hot to wear on the hands, but it will stain and emit some pungent odors after the sweat is soaked. The metal, ceramic or rubber strap is the preferred choice for summer wear. The cool touch of metal materials and ceramics and the rubber-resistance characteristics make these watches the perfect choice for summer wear.

Hermes HH1.201.130/VBA Watch,Front Yellow Gold

Hermes HH1.201.130/VBA Watch,Front White Gold

Hermes HH1.201.130/VBA Watch,Leather Belt

Hermes HH1.201.130/VBA Watch,Back Cover

The Second Point: Slim Sense

Summer is a light-loaded season. Dressing is the same, as is wearing a watch. Compared to the heavy bulk, a slim, lightweight watch is more suitable for women’s summer wear. Please pay attention that this is slim, not ultra-thin, and ultra-thin watches are usually collocated with belts for formal styles. In summertime there are a lot of outdoor sports, ultra-thin watches are not appropriate for wearing. Therefore, you can choose a lightweight, slim watch, at least in the visual it will make you feel refreshed.

Hermes AR4.810.230/VBN1 Watch,Front

Hermes AR4.810.230/VBN1 Watch,Side

The Third Point: Attentions in Sports Watch

Although summer is very suitable for sports watch, especially for diving watch, too strong sunshine in summer may damage the watch with luminous function. We know that the luminous watch can shine because the watch’s chemical coating on the pointer and dial absorbs energy in the light and then shines in the dark, but too strong sunlight will accelerate the aging of the watch, causing damage to the watch.

Hermes HH1.210.260/UNO Watch,Front

The Fourth Point: Maintenance

In summer, the climate is hot and humid. After the “baptism” of rain or sweat, the gloss of the watch case is impaired and the aging of the watch case is accelerated. Therefore, wearing a watch in summer must be carefully maintained. After the end of wearing, be careful to wipe it. Especially if there are sweat stains, if there are other problems, you can leave it to professionals for maintenance. In addition, if you wear a new watch,you must tear off the film on the back cover of watch. You may think that the film can slow down the watch damage, but due to perspiration oozing into the film, the cracks in the film will cause greater damage to the watch case.

Hermes CL4.230.218.3821 Watch,Front

Bvlgari Divas’ Dream Series Watches

Bvlgari launched three new Bvlgari Divas Dream series watchesBvlgari Divas Dream hollow tourbillon watch, Bulgari Divas Dream white gold watch and Bvlgari Divas Dream rose gold watch. A proud and beautiful peacock stands in the central, with elegance and magnificence. The perfect fusion of fine jewelry and fine watchmaking craftsmanship is fully displayed in the new works.

The peacock who wears a veil of dazzling ray blooms with infinite brilliance and charm, wins numerous praises and highlights the noble and extraordinary kingly temperament and innate goddess demeanour. The newly introduced three Bvlgari Divas’ Dream watches depict Italian classic peacock totem images, designed for the elegant women who love delicate watches at first sight.

Because of its profound meaning and rich connotation, the image of the peacock has frequently appeared in various works of art during the past 4,000 years. People in the Middle Ages believed that peacocks represented immortal life; Indians saw peacocks as symbols of abundance and eternality; in the Middle East, peacocks often appeared on both sides of The Tree of Life; in Roman mythology, the god Jupiter’s wife Juno owned a sacred bird named peacock. The colorful peacock image is extremely common in ancient mosaics.

Bvlgari culture is deeply rooted in the ancient Roman history. It draws inspiration from its profound heritage. This time the re-interpretation of the classic peacock image made her bloom in the center of the dial of the Divas’ Dream series. The design was inspired by the mosaic peacock and fan-shaped tiles in Caracalla Baths of Rome, which highlights the pure naturalistic style and shines with the sexy splendor. Bvlgari launched three Divas’ Dream watches with peacock totem images, which are exquisite and exudes unique elegance and charm.

What You Are In Love, I Understand — Cartier Jewelry’s Praise for True Love

Magpie Festival, the magpie bridge meeting, the night of prayer. Pray for your tenderness in my life, and pray that our love will shine like a galaxy. Just as Chen Yanxi and Chen Xiao, the match made in heaven,from first sight to hand in hand and companions,let’s understand each of him/her in love.


First Sight

When I first saw you, you were a beautiful and refined Shen Jiayi.You shone in the crowd, I smiled outside the crowd. Time seemed to be froze for a second, and I understood your pride.

Cartier Love Bracelet, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

A bracelet that has become an immortal legend. Cartier Love series was born in New York in 1970s, locks in unrelenting oath of love, witnesses a lot of lingering legendary love.

Cartier Wedding Ring, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Cartier wedding ring symbolizes the happiness of the two lovers’ world. It follows the brand’s classic design style and is created by its own jewelry masters.

Cartier Diamants Légers Necklace, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Diamants Légers stands for simplicity and sophistication. The diamonds carefully selected by Cartier jewelry experts are set on fine gold chains. If there is nothing, there are countless wins.


Hand in hand

When you fall in love, you are Xiao Longnv–the graceful Little Dragon Maiden who drifts dust.

You shine, I laugh with you. The sunshine is a record of our love chapter, and I read your firmness and strength.

From Solitaire 1895, who says “I love you” loudly, to Destinée, who resolutely answers “I do”, the firm motivating force given by them to us is to walk hand in hand towards our bright future.

Cartier Solitaire 1895 Engagement Diamond Ring, 950‰ Platinum, Diamonds

The classic Solitaire 1895 series is Cartier’s pioneering use of platinum for jewellery inlays. Elegant and harmonious four-jaw inlay minimizes the volume of the setting itself to highlight the brilliance of the diamond.

Cartier Destinée Engagement Diamond Ring, 950‰ Platinum, Diamonds

The Classical Cartier Destinée lines up the center diamond in a subtle, micro-inlaying process to create a more dazzling set of center diamonds. The intricate grooves on the rings hide the setting.



In the future, you will be with my surname and we will be dependent on each other.

The days are so long, you are beautiful in the years, and I am strong in affiliation. Every appearance of you is shining in my heart.

Juste un Clou, “nail” is our love story and embraces future happiness. Amulette de Cartier, which symbolizes the amulet, guards the magic of love and is accompanied by a good moment of time.

Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet, Necklace, 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Juste un Clou’s maverick New York design style blends modern and bold ideas, expresses a confident and independent spirit, and demonstrates his unique self.

Amulette de Cartier Lapis Lazuli Ring, Pink Opal Necklace 18K Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli/Pink Opal

A precious amulet is opened with a precious gemstone, and she is fortunately surrounded by good fortune and good luck. Contrasting materials contrast with rounded smooth curves,appearing simple but elegant.

Van Cleef & Arpels –“Stacked” Necklaces Present Simple and Stylish Charm

In spring, thin and light mix-and-match will become the focus of dress. In jewelry, it is also necessary to make some style changes. Stacking fine and delicate necklaces together can both dress up empty necks and add details in change for seasonal dress. Stacked necklaces are both the finishing touches in front of the collar of the shirt and the stylish items in the knitted cardigan. When paired with a light and thin dress, they will have a distinctive charm. Let’s take a look at the five keys of the stacked necklaces from Van Cleef & Arpels, and this spring they will make the neck look simple and stylish.

  1. Fine and Delicate Clavicular Necklaces–Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Long Necklace Series

Different from other stacking styles, it avoids overly exaggerated styles, and the enough slender necklace is the basis of collocation. The exquisite clavicle necklace is the key to the stacking style. No matter what the material is, stacking two or three clavicle necklaces and embellishing the collar or neck, will present a simple and fashionable style.

2. Mix-and-Match in Material of Gold, Platinum, Silver–Van Cleef & Arpels Bouton DOr Necklace Series


In terms of materials, stacked necklaces do not need too gorgeous gemstone decoration. Gold, rose gold, platinum and other slender necklaces, are are often applied to the stacking style. If you feel that these materials are not enough to satisfy the sense of vintage, you can add a silver necklace among them to show a charm of mix-and-match in different materials.

3. Distinctly Different Necklaces in Length–Van Cleef & Arpels À Cheval Necklace Series


Stacked necklaces are not to wear the same length of necklaces together, but to choose different lengths and styles. Pairing two or three short necklaces in similar length with one or two long necklaces, can present a distinct sense of depth,and also play a decorative role for the dress.

4. Small Pendants ofGems, Graphics, and Letters–Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly Necklace Series


Necklaces without pendants can be used as the basis for stacking, necklaces with small pendants  the finishing touch for overlapping. Gems, graphics, letters, and so on, with different styles of pendants together, can add a sense of style for the stack.

5. More than Three Stacked Necklaces–Van Cleef & Arpels Flowerlace Necklace Series


Two necklaces are the basis for stacking, and the matching style of more than three is more fashionable. If they are all in the exquisite and delicate necklace style, you may even stack four to five pieces of them together, which will not have a sense of abruptness, but perfectly show the charm of stacking.

Delicious Temptations — BVLGARI BVLGARI Ice Cream Jewellery Sends Out Delightful Taste of Dessert

The brand new BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream jewellery with attractive color and lustre, is tempting and mouth-watering. It pays tribute to the popular theme of desserts that Bvlgari created in the 1980s. They used magical precious gemstones to visualize and transform into the beautiful and delicious ice cream cones and ice cream shape brooches. The design of ice cream jewellery was inspired by the Roman Sorbets series launched in 2016. The surface of the “mouth-watering” ice cream jewellery is as bright,creamy,smooth,limpid as the cream, which evokes the pure and mesmerizing tongue feast in Roman summer. Bright gemstones resemble a colorful Italian-style sorbet, and a cool color brings people a sweet moment of  “going to the cool and being happy”.

The warm smooth and lustrous pearl oyster, the magnificent malachite and the soft and calm onyx, a variety of precious gems embellish every ice cream bracelet, brooch and ring as vivid as life. Even if it is compact, the ice cream series can also evoke the iconic spiritual temperament of Italy, and praise Italy’s attitude towards life which is sweet, enthusiastic, cheerful, passionate and happy in the present. The seductive ice cream series wittily designs a bite-off image, but this design inadvertently conveys a praise for women’s relaxed life attitude. They bravely and fearlessly dismiss the secular shackles, unscrupulous show off themselves and live up to the enviable simplicity and innocence.

With the prevalence of individualized fashion trends, brooch that is full of personality has recaptured the attention of the fashion industry, and become the new favorite of fashionistas. The brand new BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream brooch always annotates an amazing and breathtaking charm whether it is worn on a jacket lapel or embellished in a shirt pocket, or it is the elegant white color of the exquisite pearl oyster or the deep black color on the warm smooth onyx.

A refined and elegant BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream bracelet that surrounds the wrist, combines brilliant malachite with ribbon lines and pearl oyster with iridescent sheen into together, and interprets the theme of ice cream. Three styles of open rings use malachite, pearl oyster and onyx to create the brilliance in series. The slender BVLGARI BVLGARI ice cream ring is delicately wrapped around the fingertips, appears so sweet and pleasant.

In the eyes of Bvlgari designers, the temptation of delicious dessert can not be resisted. The design of light “bite” on the ice cream and paving with diamonds come into being. The ice cream bar made of 18K rose gold is carefully embossed with the classic Bvlgari logo. The innovative jewelry masterpieces are funny, lively, and memorable.

A Born Player — Bvlgari’s New BVLGARI BVLGARI Series of Jewelry

Full display of Italian Jewel Family’s Lifestyle and Fashion Soul

Inherit classics or innovate breakthroughs? Bvlgari brought a new wave of jewelry to the iconic BVLGARI BVLGARI series of Jewelry, revealed the beauty of fusion between classics and innovations with a series of new masterpieces. With a modern style, tough personality, and gorgeous colors, each piece of jewelry interprets a new generation of design concepts and is made for glamorous women who love the mix-and-match style of jewelry. Each piece of BVLGARI BVLGARI Series shines with a refined design concept. The gem-studded earrings shine, and their shape of ice cream is mouth-watering, the design of nibbling ice cream is full of charm and fun.

Bvlgari BVLGARI BVLGARI series has a distinctive brand style. The first BVLGARI BVLGARI watch was launched in 1977, and blazed the trail for the BVLGARI logo with the usage of ancient Roman letter “V” in the design of Bvlgari watch. Engraved with the words “BVLGARI ROMA” on the bezel, BVLGARI BVLGARI watch was inspired by ancient coins decorated with the encircling inscription, this Individualized design created a classic masterpiece in the world.

In 1996, Bvlgari launched the BVLGARI BVLGARI series of jewellery–gold bracelets and rings. It was engraved with the new double “BVLGARI” logo in a slender and sleek shape. The two same words of “BVLGARI” were separated by a set of diamonds. These foundations are full of the essence of Roman architecture and embody intensively the concise and casual charm of the BVLGARI BVLGARI series.

In 2016, the BVLGARI BVLGARI series ushered in the new Roman Sorbets jewels, which selected pink tourmaline, amethyst, sapphire, and tsavorite garnet for the interpretation of Italian style, and created a colorful and sweet experience.

The Bulgari’s BVLGARI BVLGARI series shows that Bulgari is rooted in the splendid history of Rome, constantly keep pace with the times and bring forth the new through the old. In 2018 the new series of BVLGARI BVLGARI Jewelry, highlights more prominent delight and interest. Clever inheritance of some traditional elements and bold use of colors – this is one of Bvlgari’s very important brand attributes. In the 1970s and 1980s, Bulgari was deeply influenced by Pop Art and boldly used green, red, black, and white in its designs, tailored specifically for eclectic female consumers.


Tailoring the Beauty of Rome — Bvlgari’s classic BVLGARI BVLGARI series jewellery Is Reborn

The new BVLGARI BVLGARI series jewelry is made of 18K rose gold. It uses groundbreaking opaque and hard gemstones in the design to add full of fun to fashion styles.

The genes from Rome make Bvlgari give the distinctive features to the BVLGARI BVLGARI series. The double “BVLGARI” logo breaks through the tradition. The tough alphabetic inscription becomes the key element of the watch and jewellery. It is a highlight in the history of the brand, highlighting the unique style and enterprising spirit of Bvlgari. Now it blooms new brilliance in the colorful interpretation of the BVLGARI BVLGARI series. Just like all outstanding jewels, the BVLGARI BVLGARI series bears the mark of the era as time goes by. The splendid colors of the gemstones decorate the young girls’ daring temperament, playful mash-ups, and the courage to pursue individuality.

The newly introduced eight new products are as follows: buckled earrings — BVLGARI BVLGARI earrings in 18K rose gold in pearl oyster, BVLGARI BVLGARI earrings in 18K white gold in diamonds; open bracelets — BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K yellow gold bracelet in diamond,BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K rose gold bracelet in diamond,BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K white gold bracelet in diamond;and flip-type rings with double-sided designs — BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K white gold flip-type ring in diamond and black onyx, BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K rose gold flip-type ring in 0.25g diamond,BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K rose gold flip-type ring in dense-inlay diamonds. The new flip-type ring is inspired by the BVLGARI BVLGARI Cuore jewellery launched in 2015. A reversible disc is set with precious carnelian and smooth pearl oyster on both sides, giving a full display of fashion style.

The four slender bracelets include BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K rose gold bracelet in pearl oyster, BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K yellow gold bracelet in onyx, BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K white gold bracelet in amethyst and pink tourmaline, BVLGARI BVLGARI 18K rose gold bracelet in pearl oyster,carnelian,malachite and lapis. They are all hand-selected, with different styles of green malachite, red chalcedony or black jade, and the style of white pearl oyster is the best choice for all seasons.

Another five cute earrings enrich the classic BVLGARI BVLGARI series with white pearl oyster, black onyx, red chalcedony, green malachite or pavé diamonds. Each ear stud can be purchased separately, and fashionistas can boldly match different colors of items, to keep up with the trends of contemporary stud earrings and highlight fashionable tastes.

Dance with Snake: New Series of Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring

Bvlgari launched the new series of Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring, by drawing inspiration from the legendary snake series, adopting the glamorous charm and gorgeous color of the snake to achieve this exciting design. The main-body of this ring resembles a triangle-like design on the head of a snake, which is both dangerous and extremely attractive.

First Sight in Temptation

Since ancient Roman times, snakes have been synonymous with mystical and sacred legends and have been regarded as incarnations of immortality, power and charm.

When this fingertip is put on the ring, it reminds us of Adam’s moment of meeting Eve at Eden, as if he was bitten by the serpent’s teeth, as if a new life had been opened, blood was flowing, and everything was reborn. The main-body is as a triangular-like design on the head of a snake, and it also connects as a pointed “small fang” from end to end, creating an exquisite geometric sense of infinite circulation. Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring encircles you, holds you in, closes together with tender and romantic sentiments.

Charm of Color

The mixture of light and shadow, the collision of rationality and charm–the charming duality perfectly captures the snake which waits to attack. When you meet with the deep and noble color of black, you will be deeply attracted by it. However, at the moment of touching, gorgeous colors bloom and dazzle.

Splendid red chalcedony, brilliant diamonds and dazzling emeralds add radiance to each other. The unique mosaics show a full sense of volume, reflecting the unique charm and creativity from Italy.

Be Serpentine Together

The snake-like soft curves connect the precious materials with exquisite jewellery inlays, giving the Serpenti Viper ring a strong sense of flow. The overall feel is as smooth as a snake scale, exquisite and eye-catching.

Non-sticker of tradition, dazzling nature, strong personality, and unusualness – with the unique purity and vitality of Rome, carve the precious feelings of the heart, to show the Romans’ lifestyle of “Larger than life–to live a gorgeous life”. Sexy and enchanting “Dance with Snake” series of Bvlgari Serpenti Viper ring, capture Bvlgari’s wild spirit from the fingertip to the smashing soul, and tug at the heartstrings straightly with a gorgeous posture.

Cartier Earrings Fit Your Face to Be Stylish and Slimming

How can you ‘smartly’ stand out in the crowd? A pair of eye-catching earrings with clean makeup can be your best strategy. As a statement of your individuality, in social situations, you also find a topic for those who want to approach you.

Designers and jewellery stylists of Cartier earrings have also made our task easier. Whether they are high street series or traditional luxury series or jewelry series, the key words surrounding the design of Cartier earrings by the brand designers are all—to highlight the sense of existence.

Cartier earrings are divided into two types from the style, earring type and pendant type. Divided from the shape,Cartier earrings include circular, square, triangular, irregular geometry, and in this season the style of exaggerated baroque or clip art is very popular. In addition to the traditional gems and pearls, the material now has 3D-printed materials with a sense of science and technology, laser fabrics, etc.The length is also becoming longer and longer. Then here comes the question, how do you choose a pair of Cartier earrings that suit your style?

What is called the mutant ever victorious, the matching of Cartier earrings’shape and your own face, is the priority among priorities.Understand our face, take the principle of contrast, play a little trick visually, and you can have the effect of improving your face. The basic shape of face can be divided into the follow six kinds: oval, square, round, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, long. With your own face, you can basically try different styles of Cartier earrings based on your preference and skin color.

  1. Oval Face

You can try Cartier Pearl Earrings–the nail-shaped earrings of traditional pearl or gemstone, or Amulette de Cartier–the suspended earrings that can be worn anywhere on the ear; or Cartier Agrafe Earrings–the extra-long pendant earrings that are very popular both inside and outside the fashion show this year.

  1. Square Face

You can choose a style with a strong sense of the curve and a weak sense of the contour. For example, Cartier Love Earrings–the ring earrings that have become popular season after season are your best companions. However, our Asian skin color is generally yellow, compared to the silver ring, gold one even works better with our skin tone. If your skin color is white, you can choose this shiny diamond style–Cartier Diamond Earrings. In spring and summer, you can choose more interesting rings of flowers or animals elements,such as CARESSE D’ORCHIDÉES PAR CARTIER and PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER. You can also visually make a joke and choose 3/4 or semi-circular enamel earrings,for instance,JUSTE UN CLOU DE CARTIER and ETINCELLE DE CARTIER. Of course, be careful not to choose square earrings that also have a structural feel and angularity, because it will make your entire face tougher. At the same time, avoid the style which has a length to the chin , such as this year’s ultra-popular ornament earrings, because it will visually pull out a wider square which appears a wider face.

  1. Round Face

You can confidently choose REFLECTION DE CARTIER–the style of angular geometry or pendant earrings. Square earrings as C DE CARTIER will make the contours and edges of the face more visible, add a touch of toughness to the presence and highlight the personality. Or choose a pair of pendant earrings with a feminine quality. They help to visually lengthen the face, which bring good news for a round face. In addition to the long tassels, DIAMANTS LÉGERS DE CARTIER–the earrings with a series of precious stones can also increase a sense of agility. You can also try this season’s very popular geometric single-sided earrings, their angular styles are usually able to shrink the round face in the sense of visual expansion, eye-catching ring coupled with wavy hair, easily shifts the line of sight focus.

  1. Heart-Shaped Face

You can try to balance your face with the pendant earrings of an upper-narrow and lower-wide polygon or equilateral triangle,for example,Cartier Link & Chain Earrings.You can also try Baroque style decorated with large gemstones–Cartier Retro Baroque Earrings, which uses the downward extension of the barycenter to shift the sight focus, so as to balance the slightly pointy chin.

  1. Diamond-Shaped Face

You can choose PARIS NOUVELLE VAGUE–the pendant earrings of colored gemstones or pearl drip to add some mysterious and noble temperament. You may also choose a style that is a bit more complicated and exaggerated with slightly curved bottom, such as Cartier Trinity Earrings–a fan-shaped structure with a narrow top and wide bottom.

  1. Long Face

You can choose CACTUS DE CARTIER–a short strap earring to help focus others’ gaze on the center line of your face, making your entire look more complete just like lipstick, with the magic that makes it easy for you to take on a new look.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Replica Series Of Jewelry

With green spring and blossoming flowers, Van Cleef & Arpels once again pays a tribute to the unfailing nature, and continues to write “Spring Praise” with the new works of the Replica series. Van Cleef & Arpels smashes extraordinary ideas into new flashy jewellery pieces. The flowers bloom with a spiky appearance,quaver under the breezes and appear as vivid as life. Whether transfigured into a single flower or sparkling inflorescence, the Replica Series Of Jewelry radiates elegant and resplendent light and decorates soft skin.

Exquisite New Masterpiece

From the diamond brooch in 1920s to contemporary jewellery, flowers have always been one of the sources of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels classics. Van Cleef & Arpels is attracted by the ever-changing nature, and for many times it has transformed the prosperous vitality and the moving beauty of flowers into a piece of jewelry.

Christmas roses, garden cosmos, poppies, fuchsia hybrida voss, lily of the valley and cherry blossoms make up a charming family garden with poetic charm. With the exquisite craftsmanship of “Hands of Gold”, the flowers are extremely beautiful. The Replica series also continues the tradition of Van Cleef & Arpels’ dedication to natural beauty.

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelet of Yellow K Gold and Diamond

At one touch, the delicate flowers are fragrant and sweet, and a splendid corolla or bouquet emerges. Following the classic bracelet style of the 1950s, it sparkles with golden awns and reflects the brilliant colors of the diamond flower.

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Ring of White K Gold and Diamond

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Ring is constructed with precision, and the surface is inlaid with a round diamond by using a grain inserting technique, and a silvery white light shines. Gemstones and precious metals blend into one, emitting a bright glow.

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace of White K Gold In The Style of Paving Diamonds

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace of White K Gold paved with diamonds as a flower in full bloom, illuminates the delicate skin to make it shine . The mirror polishing process makes the precious metal even more brilliant, and the delicate petal is sparkling.